Serendipitous Garlic 2020-12-03T12:28:16+00:00

For the past four years we have been planting a wonderful purple garlic at Serendipity Farm. We started with one bulb which had 10 cloves. That year we harvested 10 bulbs each with another 10 -12 cloves. And so they multiplied. We have given the garlic away each December to friends and family but always kept enough to plant a crop the following Autumn.

Garlic has been another serendipitous experience for us. Quite by accident we had stumbled across this lovely hard neck, purple variety. Friends gave us the initial bulb saying how it was one of the best they had used. Both are wonderful cooks so we took their word for it. They have also been growing it at their property in the South West of WA.

This year we had a very good crop which is now hanging in our shed drying off. I grabbed about 20 bulbs and plaited them to hang in our kitchen. We will just cut off a bulb as we need to use it.

Next year I am going to plant a large garlic patch and with a good season, we will have some spare to sell.