Costs and Conditions

//Costs and Conditions
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  • Your nominated book club organiser will  need to contact us through this website
  • He/she is responsible for ALL members, costs and return of the books.
  • Cost is $8 per book per person when paid annually. This includes postage or delivery as well as return postage or pickup.
  • If your club would prefer to pay each month the cost is $9.
  • We can provide from 6-12 books per month.
  • Each November I update the list for the following year. I allocate books on a priority basis so get your orders in early.
  • Book clubs are invited to make requests for new titles to be added to the list and any paperbacks will be considered.
  • Fees of $8 per hire are to be paid annually for 10 months in advance before February each year. If clubs wish to pay each month, the cost is $9.
  • If your group decides to suspend your membership, just let me know via email or phone.
  • Books will be dispatched each month but you are allowed 6 weeks to return the books.
  • Only bulk returns can use the reply paid satchel and sets must be returned in the satchels provided. The postage for single returns must be paid for by the sender.